[In other words, designing our future..]

The picture shows a detail of the recently upgraded RICH2 detector of the LHCb experiment at CERN.
Detail of the upgraded LHCb RICH2 detector at CERN. (Courtesy LHCb Collaboration)

During the last few decades physics has made great strides towards a complete and precise understanding of what we experience in Nature, and what is still hidden to us.

Significant experimental results have been obtained in various field: high-energy collider physics, low- energy precision tests, observational cosmology, cosmic rays physics, neutrino physics,dark matter searches, gravitational waves and much more. 

All of them have required the development or the consolidation of reliable theoretical models, together with the use of appropriate detector technologies.

Recently, the global scientific community has started to set a roadmap for the future of particle physics: 
a vision of priorities and goals for the next 50 years to continue exploring the fundamental constituents of the Universe and the forces that bind them. 
On a medium-long term scale, an intense research and development (R&D) plan for all those technologies judged as relevant for future projects is a necessary prerequisite.

In this talk, an overview of the ideas, design studies and R&D activities carried on in Bari and dedicated to future experiments will be presented.


Relatore: Alessandra Pastore

Data: 04/02/2022